Setting the record straight

It has come to my attention that people have been asking Sue and Selma what’s going on, why have I restarted a blog, why am I planning on doing solo episodes of a different podcast, etc. (We are friends, and we do, in fact, talk to each other.)

Let’s be honest, shall we, folks? I have a life outside of Two Tangled Skeins – as does Sue (she has an Etsy shop where she sells bags and yarn and stitch markers and all kinds of things), as does Selma (clearly, since she now has her own podcast, and her own Etsy shop). We all have families and friends outside of each other, hobbies and activities that we don’t all participate in. We don’t live in each others’ back pockets. I have creative sides which are not tied to TTS, and I created this blog (and will be recording episodes of my own podcast once in a while) to reflect that. I’m not leaving Two Tangled Skeins, the whole point of doing this was to be able to KEEP doing TTS with Sue and also represent some of my other interests without side-tracking the podcast.

We’re all adults here. Rather than going through back channels and starting rumors (of which I’ve heard a couple so far – very creative!), can we just agree that if you have a question about my activities, ask me directly? I won’t be offended, I won’t be angry, and most of all, I won’t be annoyed because people are going behind my back. Sue and Selma have better things to do than deflect questions they don’t know the answers to 😉

Back to your regularly scheduled blogging tomorrow.

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