Stuck in the middle

I’m spending a bit of time in Toronto’s Billy Bishop airport, since my flight to Chicago was delayed, so I figured I’d pop online to let everybody know what I’m up to this weekend. (No, this is not a good time to stop by and Rob my house, I do have teenagers!)

I’m heading west to join Rob’s family in celebrating a very special event (pictures will be posted here after family have all made their announcements online), so it’s a bit of a whirlwind trip. I’m only staying for the long weekend, no time for touristy stuff. All our time is going to be spent with family.

It’s funny, an Ottawa friend who has just moved to Toronto is already in Chicago this weekend for a completely unrelated reason, but we likely won’t even have time to see each other.

So here I sit in Toronto, several friends only minutes away, but the hassle of leaving and going back through security make even a 2.5 hour layover not worth the bother. Ah well, I’ll see them again soon, I’m sure! In the meantime, I have a pretty sweet view…

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