Day Five – Me to We

Battered tin of David's Tea Me to We tea.

Apologies for the state of this tin. It met with an unfortunate schmelting accident (cookie for the reference). This is probably my favorite tea ever. Hibiscus, pink peppercorns, seven or eight different fruits… it’s sweet and full-bodied and amazing. This was the first of the fundraising teas David’s created to raise money for clean drinking water initiatives worldwide. There are several different ones now, but this is the original, and it’s still the best. Admittedly, I haven’t been able to try the Indian one, since it contains mango. I’ll have to use my imagination.

I let it get cold, because work was extremely busy when I made it, and because this one is DELICIOUS cold. I wish it was possible to make a soda from it, it’s that good. Notes of apple, pineapple, fig, cranberry, blueberry, raspberry and cherry all combine with the hibiscus to make a sinfully delicious tea. I’m just finishing it up now at dinner time, and I made it at 9am.

I don’t have any deep insights or anything to share tonight. It’s been a very long day after a sleepless night, and this girl needs a nap. See you tomorrow!

Sheep sticking his tongue out.

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