Day Seven – Organic Super Ginger

By the type of tea I chose, you may possibly have guessed I wasn’t feeling great yesterday. You’d be right. Some lingering after-effects from an antibiotic have left me without much appetite, so I chose Organic Super Ginger as my tea of the day. Unfortunately, I also ended up working a few extra hours yesterday, and writing a post wasn’t possible. Today was also pretty busy and I had a forced nap after work.

So Super Ginger is a nice, simple, spicy tea (it gets spicier the longer you let it steep). It has ginger, peppercorns, and just the right amount of subtle sweetness. I’m actually just finishing up the last of it now, and it’s SUPER spicy at this point 🙂 It’s as good cold as it is hot, and would likely make a fabulous kombucha.

(ended up being called in to work mid-post, and never finished it or hit publish, so there we are. Unfinished post being posted a day late from being a day late ftw!)

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