Day Nine – Country Lemonade

I chose Country Lemonade today because it was a tea I haven’t tried yet. It’s another Black tea with some surprising citrusy ingredients (2nd one on the list is Pomelo peel – I don’t know if you’ve ever had pomelo, but it’s DELICIOUS). This tea is fragrant and pretty damn tasty for a black tea. The citrus flavor is strong, but not overwhelming. I enjoyed it better cold than I did while it was still hot. Because like all good tea drinkers, I have a tendency to put my cup down and forget about it – or as in today’s case, work got busy and I didn’t have time to finish it right away.

It kind of tastes like the best lemon iced tea, with minimal sweetness, but still present. There is some sugar in it (candied pineapple, and the citrus peels are candied as well). Just enough to make it taste fabulous. I tend to find commercial lemon iced teas way too sweet. This one is just right. I want to try doing a pitcher of it next, and refrigerating it. I bought quite a bit of it on sale, so it should last.

Weather-wise, things got weird today. The temperature went up to 12C, and everything started melting. Now that it’s nighttime, the wind is going crazy. It’s supposed to go up to 15 later in the week! This is ridiculously warm for mid-December. I’m just hoping the entire world isn’t a skating rink tomorrow, as it’s the first time I’ll have left the house since Thursday. I hope everybody’s having a great weekend 🙂

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