The Wayward Skein: Episode 2

Featured in this episode:

Harvest by TinCanKnits. Knit out of Lorna’s Laces Haymarket, in the Lookbook colourway. Needles are 5mm (US 8) fixed Carbonz 24″ circulars. Size knit is 6-12 months.

The “A Wrinkle in Time” series by Madeleine L’Engle. This week, I read A Wrinkle in Time, A Wind in the Door, and A Swiftly Tilting Planet.

“Better Than Sex” tea by Tay Tea. Purchased from The Tea Shop of Woodstock in Woodstock, NY.

Midsomer Murders (BBC series).

Have a great week, everyone!


I’ve been meaning to write a blog post since Tuesday, but I kept putting it off because all the pictures I wanted to include, I took with Rob’s phone. It doesn’t really matter though, does it? If I just write a post, then I won’t keep stressing over the fact that I haven’t written a post, and I can catch you (all three of you) up without pictures. Well, MOSTLY without pictures.

Last time I wrote, I was winging my way to Chicago to celebrate Rob’s son’s college graduation with everyone and having a fabulous time. It was H.O.T. in Chicago… I’m not a summer person. You will *rarely* hear me complain about how cold it gets in winter, because I hate heat. I know, most of you are thrilled that you finally get to be comfortable, but I’m melting over here! It doesn’t help that Rob’s car doesn’t have functional air conditioning.

So Saturday dawned warm and sunny, and Rob drove up to Milwaukee to attend the graduation ceremony (there were only a few tickets available per graduate, and I didn’t want to prevent any of his family from being there). While he was gone, I did some knitting, did some reading, and recorded a podcast! It’s going to need work, and I don’t think I’ll ever use my phone for it again, but without my laptop on hand, I had to improvise. Saturday evening, we went for dinner at Rob’s mom’s house (without the graduate, so it was a weird graduation party) and hung out there for the evening. I have read some horror stories about mothers-in-law in my day, but I am truly blessed. My late former mother-in-law was the kindest, sweetest woman you could ever hope to meet, and I miss her every day. Rob’s mother? Cut from the same cloth. She is a kind, funny, loving, generous woman, and I’m so lucky that my future mother-in-law is as amazing as my first one! Anyway, even though he didn’t show up to his own celebration (I’m teasing! We knew he wasn’t coming, he was out with friends), here’s a picture!


We took Sunday easy and went to see Deadpool 2. I will NOT SPOIL ANYTHING, but if you haven’t seen it yet, GO. (Except you, Mom. Do not go see Deadpool 2. You will not like it.) I laughed, I cried, I winced, and then I laughed some more. I agree that Peter needs his own spin-off movie! I was supposed to fly home Monday. Rob waved at me until I was through security, and then he went home and I went to the gate… where I discovered that my plane was delayed to the point where making my connecting flight was HIGHLY unlikely. Boo, hiss. Fortunately, I fly Porter, and they’re awesome. Not only did they rebook me for the next morning so I could go back to Rob’s for the night, but they also sent me a $100 voucher toward my next flight! I say it loud, and I say it often: Porter is AWESOME (the free drinks & snacks don’t hurt either).

Of course, taking a flight first thing in the morning when your house is 1 1/2 hours away from the airport is likely not the smartest thing I ever did… but hey, who knew how pretty a 4:30a.m. sunset in Chicago was? Not me, but I do now! I flew home, got picked up by some pretty awesome people (one of whom was VERY well behaved and didn’t fuss in the car AT ALL), and life goes on as usual. I’ve spent the rest of the week trying to recover from the fact that it’s suddenly summer, and REALLY humid. If you’re one of those who likes heat, enjoy your weekend! I’ll be huddled in my basement apartment with my fan and my air conditioner and eating things that don’t require cooking! Two Tangled Skeins resumes its normal schedule tomorrow, so see you there!

Stuck in the middle

I’m spending a bit of time in Toronto’s Billy Bishop airport, since my flight to Chicago was delayed, so I figured I’d pop online to let everybody know what I’m up to this weekend. (No, this is not a good time to stop by and Rob my house, I do have teenagers!)

I’m heading west to join Rob’s family in celebrating a very special event (pictures will be posted here after family have all made their announcements online), so it’s a bit of a whirlwind trip. I’m only staying for the long weekend, no time for touristy stuff. All our time is going to be spent with family.

It’s funny, an Ottawa friend who has just moved to Toronto is already in Chicago this weekend for a completely unrelated reason, but we likely won’t even have time to see each other.

So here I sit in Toronto, several friends only minutes away, but the hassle of leaving and going back through security make even a 2.5 hour layover not worth the bother. Ah well, I’ll see them again soon, I’m sure! In the meantime, I have a pretty sweet view…

Setting the record straight

It has come to my attention that people have been asking Sue and Selma what’s going on, why have I restarted a blog, why am I planning on doing solo episodes of a different podcast, etc. (We are friends, and we do, in fact, talk to each other.)

Let’s be honest, shall we, folks? I have a life outside of Two Tangled Skeins – as does Sue (she has an Etsy shop where she sells bags and yarn and stitch markers and all kinds of things), as does Selma (clearly, since she now has her own podcast, and her own Etsy shop). We all have families and friends outside of each other, hobbies and activities that we don’t all participate in. We don’t live in each others’ back pockets. I have creative sides which are not tied to TTS, and I created this blog (and will be recording episodes of my own podcast once in a while) to reflect that. I’m not leaving Two Tangled Skeins, the whole point of doing this was to be able to KEEP doing TTS with Sue and also represent some of my other interests without side-tracking the podcast.

We’re all adults here. Rather than going through back channels and starting rumors (of which I’ve heard a couple so far – very creative!), can we just agree that if you have a question about my activities, ask me directly? I won’t be offended, I won’t be angry, and most of all, I won’t be annoyed because people are going behind my back. Sue and Selma have better things to do than deflect questions they don’t know the answers to 😉

Back to your regularly scheduled blogging tomorrow.

All my favorite things

I’ve been thinking about reviving my blog (which has barely been touched since 2015) for about six months now. But when I thought about it, I didn’t really feel that “The Blue Ceramic Mug” really had all that much to do with ME. I chose the name while frantically looking around my office, desperately trying to decide what to call my new blog. And my eye fell on a blue pottery mug on my desk. The photo of the blue and white mug on the site isn’t even what the mug looked like! (Sadly, the mug is long gone, so I can’t even show you.)

When I thought about what I really wanted to write about, it came down to a few things. Knitting, crochet, my tea obsession, what I’m reading, what I’m watching, and the podcast. I also like to share photos I’ve taken, and videos from new artists I have discovered (new to me, anyway). I cook, bake and can, and occasionally share recipes as well.

I’ll post here whenever there’s a new episode of Two Tangled Skeins to see, and occasionally, when I’m on my own, there may be episodes of The Wayward Skein (and now you know how I came up with the name!) I hope you enjoy the new blog, and welcome to my crazy life!